Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kitchen Dreaming

Our kitchen now:

It's like a clean slate, which is great. There's no backsplash, so that means don't have to remove one, and believe it or not, I love the cabinets. I don't think they look 80's or early 90's at all.

Not that our kitchen redo is anytime in the near future, but these are the tiles I want for the backsplash. All from here. Love! And so I had some Photoshop tiling fun...





And here's a terrible comp of what our kitchen may look like. But hopefully not!! We're planning on doing the walls a clean, natural white and the accent wall (which goes into the living room as well) will be a cobalt blue. And maybe some stainless steel appliances to go with that lonely refrigerator... hey a girl can dream!!

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