Monday, January 11, 2010

Officially on the Bandwagon...

I've officially jumped on the bandwagon. The bandwagon of 101 tasks in 1001 days that is. I was reluctant at first; I thought I'd never be able to think of 101 things I wanted to do and I didn't think I'd really have the motivation to finish them all. But once I started writing the list just to see if I could, everything flowed. I actually had to edit it down by the time I was done! The categories helped, it was easier to think of things I wanted to do in specific areas than just in general. And perhaps I'll lose interest, or not finish, but I'm going to try. These are things I truly want to do so that will definitely help me with the motivation. My deadline is October 10, 2012- just before our third anniversary.

Here we go!

1. fill up a journal
2. take boudoir pictures
3. rock a strapless dress
4. see a movie by myself
5. watch the sun rise
6. keep a dream journal for a month
7. get a psychic reading done
8. learn to speak French again
9. buy an awesome vintage handbag, piece of clothing, or piece of jewelry
10. clean and preserve/donate/etc. (whatever I decide to do with) my wedding dress
11. make a new list of 101 things

12. write H a love letter
13. choose photos for our wedding album
14. continue monthly date nights with H (20/33)
15. spend a night in the hotel we got married in
16. eat dinner together in dining room, no distractions for 2 weeks straight

17. call my mom at least once a week for two months
18. host a cocktail party at our house
19. host a game night at our house
20. host a holiday meal for one or more sides of the family at our house
21. adopt a dog (wasn't sure where to put this one, but I figure he'll be part of the family so it works)

22. become CPR certified
23. reach and maintain my goal weight (0/20 lbs)
24. wake up at 6 AM to exercise for one (work) week straight
25. go on a bike ride through our neighborhood
26. enter and run in a 5k
27. enter and run a 10k
28. enter and run in a half-marathon
29. eat vegetarian for a week
30. take a Pilates class
31. take a ski lesson
32. go ice skating three times (1/3)

33. take an art class
34. take a baking class
35. learn to knit
36. create a scrapbook
37. sell something homemade on etsy
38. make a piece of art (collage, painting, etc.) for our house
39. make our holiday cards instead of buying one year

40. decrease my use of non-environmentally friendly cleaning products
41. buy mesh bags to use for produce instead of plastic bags
42. get into the practice of unplugging appliances/devices while not in use
43. replace all light bulbs with low-energy bulbs as needed
44. ride my bike somewhere I would normally drive three times (1/3)
45. go to a farmers' market for produce instead of the grocery store at least 5 times per summer (10/15)
46. set thermostat at 2 degrees warmer in summer and colder in winter than it is now
47. maintain a vegetable garden every summer (2/3)
48. plant a flower garden

49. read at least 50 books (my book list)
50. see all Best Picture winning movies (my movie list)
51. visit the Guggenheim
52. visit the Met
53. attend 3 concerts (3/3)
54. see a play on Broadway
55. attend four Phillies games (3/4)
56. join the local public library
57. attend a community festival

58. try one new recipe per week
59. try five foods I've never had before ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
60. make homemade gnocchi
61. maintain an herb garden
62. buy whole coffee beans to grind in coffeemaker
63. make and bottle five different healthier salad dressings ( 1 2 3 4 5 )

64. paint downstairs media room
65. spray paint old table lamps for media room
66. find end tables for media room
67. paint upstairs bathroom
68. paint exterior front door
69. clean all baseboard trim
70. repaint all trim and molding
71. landscape our backyard
72. have the series of B & W photos I took in my college photography class professionally matted and framed
73. redo master closet (paint, shelving, new lighting)
74. decorate computer room
75. decorate master bedroom
76. go to three antique shops (0/3)

77. go river tubing
78. go sky diving
79. go star-gazing
80. have a picnic in the park
81. travel out West
82. take a unplanned "where-ever-the-road-may-take-us" road trip
83. visit three states I've never been to before (1 2 3)
84. go tent camping for a weekend
85. visit a town in NJ that I've never been to
86. go to the driving range with H

87. create a will
88. pay off half of remaining student loan debt
89. start to and continue to contribute to company 401k plan
90. pay off all credit card debt
91. increase emergency fund to 6 months worth of combined income
92. put $10 a week into savings, in addition to what I save already

93. clean out, decorate, and bring some cheer to my cube at work
94. get a raise/promotion
95. create a fully functional, professional level website using CSS and not tables
96. really organize iTunes music
97. import all my CDs onto computer
98. maintain my blog (at least one post per week)

99. volunteer my time 15 times (1/15)
100. give a compliment to a stranger five times (0/5)
101. pay for someone behind me in line

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  1. Ok I wasn't going to do all...but after seeing your list, I want to. Thanks!