Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honeymoon Art

We went to Key West for our honeymoon, and there were SO many amazing art galleries there. We thought it would be a great souvenir to take home a print from a local artist. We could enjoy it on our walls for a very long time to come (and it would be so much more prominent and useful than a little trinket) and every time we look at it, we'll be reminded of our honeymoon.

So one day we rented bikes, gallery guides in hand, and were off to explore all the local art galleries. We found so many gorgeous pieces, but the one we finally chose was "Angela's Shutters," by artist Sharon Wells.

It is BIG, which is great, and we'll be hanging it behind the sofa in our living room. The colors will look great with our sunny yellow walls, and it even inspired us to choose a cobalt blue for the accent wall. I am so excited for it to come in :)

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