Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Recipe Review- Healthy Shrimp Newburg

As part of my 101 in 1001, I committed to trying a new recipe each week for the next 1001 days. While I don't promise to blog about all of my accomplishments in the 101 list (I highly doubt anyone is interested in the extra $10 I put into savings or if I called my mom that week), this is one that I'd really like to keep up with.

So last week, I decided to try Rachael Ray's healthy version of "Shrimp Newburg," recipe here. I saw it in the magazine and it looked delicious, so creamy and "shrimp-y" and flavorful, but it was a bit of a disappointment. It didn't really have any flavor at all. I ended up dumping a few teaspoons of garlic powder in, which made it better, but still nothing exciting. Granted, I used skim milk instead of the recommended 2% milk because that's what we had, but I have trouble believing that was the problem. Oh well. They can't all be winners.

It looked pretty anyway. I served it with orzo pasta and steamed broccoli.

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