Monday, January 11, 2010

An Exchange with the Husband

I try not to be the type of girl who plays mind games with her husband. The one who comes home and asks if he notices anything different about her, and then gets all hurt he didn't notice her new pedicure or subtle, 1/2" hair trim. I try not to be, but I'll admit I do it a little bit. My hopes are never high, and I never get upset if he doesn't notice what I want him to. But I have to say it's amusing for me to see what he notices sometimes.

Take the linen closet- I added the linen closet to my declutter/donate/organize list and attacked it Sunday while H was taking down the Christmas lights outside. I went through the whole closet and I was able to put two whole sheet sets, a comforter, and 8 full size towels (in perfectly good condition, mind you- I don't know what I was thinking with the colors I chose for my first apartment. Nothing matched, I picked one of every obnoxiously bright color towel I could find), which is about 1/3 of what was in the closet. I refolded and organized everything too, so it looked even emptier. As I was sitting back admiring all the extra space, H comes in. And the following exchange takes place...

Me: "Honey, do you notice anything different about the linen closet?"

H: "Yeah!"

H sounds enthusiastic, like he knows he's right and I'm going to be impressed with his response. My heart skips a beat (it doesn't take much), thinking he's going to compliment my fabulous organization skills.

H: "It's filled with linens!"

Me: "No... no, not quite"

Sigh, oh well.

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