Sunday, January 10, 2010

Irish Car Bomb CUPCAKES??

I'm not an Irish car bomb type of girl. Really. Not even in college. Something about chugging a glass of curdling concoction... just doesn't do it for me. The ingredients however? Now that's a different story!

So when I saw these cupcakes on EastVillageKitchen, I was excited to say the least. Those beauties are Guinness chocolate cupcakes with a Jameson chocolate ganache filling, and a Bailey's buttercream frosting. WOW. My first thought was "what a great St. Patrick's Day treat!" but I don't think I can wait until then...

(images from EastVillageKitchen, recipe here.)

I told you this post would be a bit more exciting ;) I think I'll be baking these this week...

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