Monday, December 7, 2009

Such a Productive Weekend!

What did we do this weekend? Lots!

Main floor:
Bought and assembled a coat rack for the entryway
(we don't have a hall closet and are really starting to need some storage there with the cold weather)

Bought, set up, and decorated our Christmas tree (will post pics soon!)

Vacuumed and dusted

Computer room:
Cleaned all the junk out of the room

Bought paint (it's a really pale robin's egg blue that we will use with browns, crisp white, and bright red accents)

Removed the wallpaper border (will post pics soon)

Cleaned the walls, spackled, and taped for painting

Bought a curtain rod

Master Bedroom:
Bought and put up curtain rod

Hung curtains (again, will post pics when I get home!)

And I still had time to bake cookies and enjoy the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC family. I feel so Christmas-y! And even more, I love getting stuff done. Being productive puts me on this high, and I'm just so giddy and happy.

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