Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Not so Busy Weekend

Well, this weekend was supposed to be our busiest of the holiday season so far. I had my office Christmas party Friday afternoon, then we decided to go up to NYC on Friday, right after the party. We'd stay until mid-afternoon the next day, getting home just in time to clean up and whip up some apps for our friend's holiday party in Philly that night. We'd get home late Saturday night, sleep in, and get a little bit done around the house before heading to my parents' house for Sunday dinner/my mom's birthday.

None of that happened though (well except for my office party, that I made)... here is what did happen :

(8:30 AM Saturday)

(around noon, Saturday)

(I have such a wonderful husband!! This is the first round of shoveling.)

(around 4:30 PM Saturday, it's like he never shoveled!)

(around 8 PM Saturday, after the second round of shoveling. Our Christmas lights look so nice in the snow! It was about 18" at this point.)

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