Thursday, December 24, 2009

Away We Go

We FINALLY signed up for Netflix.

Why do I say finally? For at least the past year (probably two, possibly even more) I have been keeping a running text document of movies to add to our Netflix queue. Anytime I saw a preview on TV that grabbed my attention, I knew we would never get around to seeing it in theaters, so I just added it to the list. Problem was, we didn't actually have Netflix. We procrastinated with excuse after excuse (no time, no money, too busy, etc... ), but finally did it! I'm so excited. And I have to say my queue is pretty well stocked.

One of the first movies we received was Away We Go. I probably won't be blogging about movies to often, but I'll periodically write about one that stood out for me. And this one did, omg it was love!!

(image from

Away We Go stars Mya Rudolph, of SNL fame, and John Krasinski of The Office as a couple expecting their first baby. They travel across the country, meeting with long lost friends and family along the way, in a search for the perfect place to raise a family. And that's it. The plot is so beautifully simple that nothing else needs to be said to better describe it. You really connect with the characters and the situations; it's a charming movie that manages to be simultaneously touching and hilarious. I bawled and I laughed out loud. Highly reccommended.

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