Friday, February 12, 2010

New Recipe Review- Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

For my new recipe last week (again, a little late), I made buffalo chicken in the slow cooker. I had this recipe filed away for a long time, and Super Bowl Sunday seemed like a great day to try it out. It was a huge hit with H, who loves buffalo chicken but hates all the work (seriously) involved in wings. He says it's too much work for too little meat. Anyway....

It is absolutely one of the easiest recipes ever and it turned out really well. Here is the original recipe. I made a few changes- I took the meat out at about 5 hours and shredded it, then put it back in with the butter to better absorb the juices. I also only used a half packet of ranch dressing mix (cause that's all we had- no idea why) and didn't put any extra sauce on the sandwiches after they were done (didn't think they needed it). We used kaiser rolls and I had mine with ranch dressing and provolone, while H had his with crumbled bleu cheese. We also had purple cabbage slaw (which went REALLY well with them- soothed the spiciness), and loaded potato skins for our football feast. Awesome!

Please excuse the terrible photo- I was in a hurry to eat!


  1. Trying this in this upcoming week - I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for sharing the recipe, my husband is excited to try it. - Kelly

  2. Yeah, let me know! My husband LOVED these- I hope yours does too!