Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bargain Shopping

A few days ago, I got a coupon in the mail for $10 off a purchase at JCPenney's. I heard they were having some pretty good sales as well, so after work on Friday I decided to stop by. Well, it was totally worth it!

I headed up to the furniture and home decor section, where there were indeed a few good sales going on. I found this lantern for $15, on sale from $50! It's large and sturdy, and looks perfect on our entryway table. With the coupon, it would only be $5, whoo score! But unfortunately, I failed to read the fine print and it wasn't valid on furniture, which apparently a lantern is. Oh well, it was still too good of a deal to pass up.

So I headed downstairs in search of something I actually could use the coupon on. The jewelry caught my eye, and I found this cocktail ring on sale for $12.50, down from $20. And with my coupon, a grand total of $2.50- nice! So all in all, I got a gorgeous cocktail ring and an oh-so-perfect lantern for less than $20 total. It was a good day :)

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